Water Consumption

How much water am I using? How do I compare? How can I help conserve?

Home water conservation is easy once you understand how and where you can use less.

This quick and easy Water Calculator shows you which water uses in your home are efficient and which are not and offers simple conservation tips that save water and energy.

The Water Calculator compares your water use to a similar average and efficient house in your region. It estimates the energy savings and carbon footprint of your hot water usage, and helps identify specific areas for improving overall household water efficiency.

Water conservation is easy and the Water Calculator gets you started right away.

Typical water consumption at facilities.

The table below displays water consumption and sewage generation at facilities.

As water consumption and sewage generation are site specific, the water consumption and sewage generation data are examples which should only be used in the absence of local data or other more accurate information.


Type of facilityWater Consumption LCDSewage Production LCD
Cottages, seasonal occupancy285215
Single family dwellings400350
Multiple family dwellings (apartments)190-285270
Rooming houses150140
Boarding houses190170
For each non-resident border4040
Without private baths190175
With private baths225220
Mobile home parks
Dependent units190170
Independent units285215
Barracks type190130
Cottage type150115
Day camps (no meals served)5545
Day schools
No cafeteria or showers3025
With cafeteria and no showers5535
With cafeteria and showers7555
Cafeteria, shower and laboratories9580
Boarding schools285250
Day workers (office, industrial etc.)5540
Hospitals (depending on type)570-945500-800
Institutions other than hospitals285-475340
Picnic grounds 10
Toilet only20
Toilet and showers4020
Swimming pools and bath houses4040
With resident members225185
For each non resident member9580
Self-service laundromats190/wash190

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