Nelsen Arsenic Reduction Systems

Nelsen Arsenic Reduction Systems

Arsenic is a steel grey, brittle semi-metal that is highly toxic by inhalation or ingestion. Many of its compounds are deadly poison and used as weed killer and rat poison. It is found naturally in the rocks, water,

Nelsen 7000 PID Control Valve

soil, air and plants and animals of a region. Knowledge of Arsenic as a carcinogen dates back over 100 years.

Arsenic is found throughout the Earth's crust. It occurs naturally in the groundwater supplies – commonly found with iron. In groundwater, it normally appears as inorganic arsenite and arsenate. Other sources of Arsenic include herbicides, rodent pesticides and pressure treated lumber.

Where to Start

We first need to find out if Arsenic is present in the water! Two water tests must be performed to accurately treat water contaminated with Arsenic. The first indicates whether there is a presence of Arsenic and the second is to test for competing constituents in the water, Phosphate, pH, Silica, Iron, Manganese and the possible speciation (As3 vs As5).

Water Chemistry

There are typically two variations, or species, of Arsenic molecules in water: "Arsenic III" and "Arsenic V." The form of the Arsenic, III or V, is very important relative to the effectiveness of many treatment methods. Arsenic V is generally easier to remove from water than Arsenic III. Arsenic III can be transformed to Arsenic V by the addition of a common oxidant to the water.

Whole House Protection

LayneRT™ adsorption media is the Core component in the Nelsen Arsenic Reduction System. LayneRT is a proprietary, durable, Arsenic selective media, developed as a significant improvement on the efficiency and longevity of traditional Arsenic media. It is a reliable, high capacity technology that effectively reduces Arsenic to safe levels without wasting any water or sending any waste water back into the environment through the drain.

The LayneRT™ media has been tested and meets NSF 61 standard. This is an independent test standard for health effects that was performed by the Water Quality Association.

Nelsen Arsenic Reduction Systems feature the Nelsen 7000PID Arsenic Reduction Control Valve and LayneRT™ adsorption media. The 7000PID is a non-backwashing controller programed for the specific water chemistry for each installation. The controller indicates the capacity of system and the remaining safe levels of media adsorption.

The display features three warning lights and an alarm.
-Green light: there is power going to the system
-Yellow light: system is at 20% Capacity remaining
-Red light: system is at 10% Capacity remaining. Arsenic can begin to creep through the system
-Alarm sounding: system is at 0% Capacity. Arsenic will now pass through the system.

When service is required, your water treatment professional removes and replaces the Arsenic adsorption material when the monitoring system notifies you of replacement. All waste material is removed from the treatment site and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner - no mess, no worries.

Nelsen Arsenic Reduction System Advantages

  • No connection to sewer or septic required
  • System is always in service
  • System life monitoring
  • No wasted water
  • Exhausted media is nonhazardous and passes TCLP (Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure)
  • Material disposal - no Arsenic laden waste is released at home

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