Ozone Water Treatment

What is Ozone Water Treatment?

Ozone water treatment is a method that is used for water purification and disinfection by either corona discharge, UV radiation, chemical or electrolytic reactions.

Common methods are through UV or corona discharge, and in most cases, the latter is used.

Dry, clean air is passed through a unit with a high voltage electric charge, which creates ozone. Water is then forced into a chamber where the ozone gas is pulled through the water, after which the water is filtered to remove any remaining substances.

Ozone Treatment

For odor free, fresh tasting water that is free of bacteria, viruses and fungus.

What are the benefits of Ozone Water Treatment?

Ozonating water will help eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Since ozone treatment does not require the use of chemicals, it is a safe treatment method.

Ozonated water is also odor free and tasty.



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