Tannin Removal

What is Tannin Removal?

Tannin removal is the method of removing tannin from water.

Tannin (tannic acid) is a type of organic compound that is released into soil and water during the decaying process of vegetation like plants, leaves, seeds, fruit, branches and bark.

It is brownish/yellow in color (like tea).

Tannins can be removed by either tannin softeners, ozone treatment, membrane systems or carbon activated backwashing filters, depending on the amount of tannin that is present in the water.

Water than contains tannins can stain fixtures, dishes and laundry and can also cause a bitter taste or moldy odor in water.

Tannin Removal

Eliminate and prevent bitter taste, moldy odor and water that stains dishes and laundry.

What are the benefits of Tannin Removal?

Removing tannin from water will result in water that is clear, odor free and doesn't have a bitter taste.

Tannin in natural water

Tannin in natural water

Tannin in tap water

Tannin in tap water

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